10 December 2007

forgotston's getting hip to the piyush scam

in his blog post today c.b. forgotston laments the piyush scam. this could have all been avoided if louisianaians would have simply studied piyush's congressional voting record. if the people would have just done that then they would have realized that corruption cannot clean up corruption. it could have also been avoided if people would have heeded that old saying about "if it sounds too good to be true, it is."

piyush was and is nothing more than a fast talking bullshit artist. additionally, all one had to do was to examine all the shady people who contributed to and supported piyush's campaign to see what hes really about. another thing that should have tipped the people off that something (wasnt) isnt quite right with piyush was how the corporate controlled mainstream media unreservedly supported him.

everyone who supported piyush knew in their heart of hearts that there is something evil about piyush but they couldnt help themselves because the people of louisiana are themselves corrupt. they were blinded to the truth and given over to a reprobate mind. we seen evidence of this reprobate mind in piyush's religious lies. first he claimed to be a devout catholic, then a born again christian, despite being born again is nowhere in catholic doctrine and we saw all these baptist and other protestant "preachers" rush to his defense. this shows that a lot of, probably the majority of, baptist and protestant churches have preachers that are nothing but liars.

louisiananas and americans for that matter fall for this crap over and over again, always have and always will until the peple themselves repudiate corruption also called sin and repent. oh piyush is going to deliver all right but its not going to be for 'we the people the suckers who put him in office' -- piyush is going to deliver for all his corporate and criminal friends.


Governor-elect Bobby Jindal while running for office talked a lot about improving the image of LA by tightening the Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Laws (nothing about their enforcement), and transparency in government. [...] After his speech [to CABL about ethics], Jindal did not take questions from the audience and left the Baton Rouge Hilton Capitol Center through a back door, avoiding waiting reporters.

Though Jindal has not yet assumed the office of governor, he remains a public servant as my Congressman and therefore subject to public scrutiny which he is avoiding. [...] When asked about the specifics of Jindal’s plan for changes to LA’s Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Law Jindal’s spokesperson said:

[I]t is “too early to talk about” details of the [special] session or when it will be held.

Jindal has been talking about the need to change the Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Law for years. He talked for months about calling a special session right after he took office to make the change(s) as his top priority.

Yet, he doesn’t have the details of his proposed changes and doesn’t know when the special session will be. Either Jindal is unprepared or he is intentionally keeping his plans a secret. [...] Refusing to take questions from the public, dodging the media and being clandestine about the specifics of the special session call into question exactly just how transparent and open will be the Jindal Administration.

At this point, the most transparent thing about the Jindal Administration is that while Jindal talks about transparency, his actions are opaque.
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