17 December 2007

leonard ford jr column

mr. ford, in his page 6 column of the 15 - 31 december 2007 edition (see link) of central louisiana's 'the light' newspaper urges black people to 'think for yourself, it's ok.' mr. ford reminds his brothers and sisters that its not "acting white" to carefully consider the issues regardless if they are brought on by black people.

mr. ford writes "racial solidarity clearly indicates that black people are supportive of other black people even in extreme cases regardless of the circumstances. it shouldn't be that way. would any of you be supportive of another black person who committed a crime just because that person was black?"

mr. ford uses the alexandria city council as an example. the council is made up of seven members - five of whom are black. as mr. ford points out "they (the five black councilmen) are sticking together on most issues that come before the council. the outcome of the vote is always the same 5 - 2....do any of you honestly think that these men agree on every issue that comes before them?"

mr. ford urges black people to stop being "gullible" and "emotionally driven" in supporting causes without knowing the "real guts" of that cause.

we agree with mr. ford and would add that people should stop concentrating on black and white and focus on right and wrong. people should elect honest, law-abiding, constitution loving and yes, god fearing men and women and then everything else would take care of itself.

as an example, every two weeks before the meeting we see the city council bow their heads and say a prayer. yet over and over again immediately after saying this prayer we witness the city council doing things are in direct opposition to what they just prayed about! it's ungodly and unrighteous. jesus said that "if ye love me, keep my commandments." this is why we tend to agree with those who would ban public prayer before a governmental body. because the so called governmental leaders are lying anyway and because they cheapen god's name, turning something solemn and holy into just another formality.. they are insulting god and this will only result in ultimately bringing forth his wrath and judgment.

anyway, also in this issue, ms. sherri l. jackson interviews alexandria's new fire chief bernard wesley.