02 December 2007

ball mayor roy hebron named to a piyush scam transition team

piyush "bobby" jindal
political cartoon courtesy:
revolutionary rascal

Workforce Group

On Dec. 6, the workforce group will meet at 2:30 p.m. at the University of New Orleans Lindy C. Boggs Conference Center at 2045 Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans.

Members of that group, with Woody Oge of New Orleans as chairman and Kathy Sellers Johnson of Alexandria as vice chair, include: Bobby Collins and Rick Ransom of Alexandria; Bruce Tassin of Pineville; Mayor Roy Hebron of Ball;

Billy Gillette of Lafayette; Roy Bellard of Opelousas; Eddie Hakim of Monroe; Kelly Martin of Winnsboro; C.J. Smith and John Turner of Shreveport; J.T. Taylor of Haynesville;

Mitchell Adrian of Lake Charles; Jairo Alvarez, Jim Barfield, Tia Edwards, Art Favre, Derek E. Gordon, Bob Greer Jr., Jim Henderson, Girard Melancon, Charles Moniotte, Robin Olivier, Eddie Rispone, Lisa Smith-Vosper and Ronnie Williams of Baton Rouge of Baton Rouge;

Boysie Bollinger of Lockport; Dionne Chouest of Gallianio; Lily Gallam, Larry Katz and Mike Mitterknight of Metairie; Mike Matlock of Zachary; Steve Perry of New Orleans and Dan Robert of Mandeville.