10 December 2007

self serving robert adley strikes again

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wow it just seems like 51 days ago that self-serving, state senator, robert adley won reelection as a democrat.

now you have to remember that it was less than six months ago that this same senator adley together with senator don hines killed hb730 the so called 'glass pockets' ethics reform bill....now suddenly:
Adley announced the change Monday in a written statement, tying his party switch to the new administration of Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal. Adley, describing himself as a conservative reformer, said, "I'm excited we have a new governor with the same philosophy, and I want to be as effective as possible in dealing with him."
so, somebody is lying. either adley is lying or piyush is lying or the more likely explanation is that both of them are lying.

in louisiana, at least as far as the politicians go, being a republican is nothing more than a means to an end. this is the fault of the party's leadership. namely, roger villere, who is the sorriest excuse for a party chairman and republican...ever.

the shame of it is that the people are so dumb, which again is the fault of the party bosses because they let anyone in the party and then support them, that they will vote for anyone with an R beside their names.

do you really think that someone like robert adley suddenly had an epiphany to learn that they were a conservative republican or do you think the real reason for this switch is because mr. adley is planning to run for retiring congressman jim mccrery's (also a fake ass republican) seat?

are there any true republicans out there that are going to speak out to say no this is wrong you're just using our party and our platform to advance your own political career? or has the entire republican party become nothing but a bunch of whores?

wake up republicans your party is becoming even a bigger joke than the democratic party.