23 December 2007

LA Republican Committee Sets the Stage to Steal the LA District Caucuses Election Through Vote Fraud

the following is unsolicited, submitted material. although we havent verified its claims it certainly squares with our long held belief, based on observation - just since november 2005, that the louisiana state republican party is led by nothing but a bunch of liars, thugs, con-artists and shysters. the democratic party is no better. in fact, both parties leadership beginning with their respective chairmen and extending downward to the local level should all be replaced.

The LA Republican Party Scams have been set up.
1. Qualification deadlines advanced.
2. The following scams were set up after qualification deadlines for the LA Republican committee were past:
(A) Delegates assessed a poll tax.
(B) Black box voting at the Caucus.
(C) Intermingling of the district voters within multiple parish caucuses so that no one at an individual caucus will have a clue as to actual district percentages present.

(The Orleans Parish 'district 2' caucus will have 3 different districts (1, 2, & 3) present at the Orleans Parish 'district 2' caucus.)

Conclusion: R/O The LA District Caucuses are all set up to steal the election through vote fraud.

These are only the scams we know about. In my opinion, IT IS QUITE CLEAR the current LA Republican Leadership in its entirety MUST BE REMOVED as soon as possible. They are subverters of The Constitution in matters involving war - that is classic TREASON. The current entire LA Republican committee needs to be impeached, fired, shunned and lose any accrued benefits at the very least.

Ed Ward, M.D.