10 December 2007

REDFLEX SCAM: Extortion and Malfeasance in Office Complaint Filed Against Lafayette Parish President, Joey Durel and others

message from stephanie ware:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please see the linked article below, if you have not already been alerted to same.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Backs Off Ticket Cameras

Texas City Finds Red Light Cameras Not Needed

RedFlex and Charlie Buckles are lying to you. They are running a scam. There are so many American, state law, constitutional, etc., etc., problems with this program and as I stated to you before...it is a huge, disgusting mess.

On the radio yesterday, our Mayor, Joey Durel, called the constitutional issues regarding this program "smoke and mirrors". click here to download 599k sound clip .mp3

His oath of office obviously does not matter to him. He promised to uphold and support the constitution, not completely disregard it. He has not listened to the citizens of Lafayette and refuses to hear anything other than what he wants to.

One must wonder where his career will end up now? Chief Jim Craft has taken and filed Extortion charges against RedFex and The City, and Malfeasance in Office charges against Joey Durel, the city attorney and Director of Transportation, Tony Tramel, for their illegal implementation of this RedFlex program in Lafayette. It is now on District Attorney, Mike Harson's desk.

Please do not follow Lafayette's lead. There is a reason the LA Legislature told them "No" five times, and the Louisiana Supreme Court has prohibited cities from using their Home Rule Charters to engage in such activities.

RedFlex CEO speaks
Largest Speed Enforcement Contract in Louisiana - Mr Graham Davie, CEO


This Australian company, under no regulations, completely disregarding our laws, are striving to profit from over 2,000 cities in this country.

For Safety - No...For Money - Yes - United States Citizens' hard-earned money.

P.S. Here is a fact that you may want to consider: According to Tony Tramel, RedFlex has sent out over 4,000 violations in Lafayette since October and has collected the whopping amount of $150.00. [video of Tony Tramel stating this at a meeting of the Lafayette Consolidated Government] RedFlex and Charlie make promises but their promises bring a mountain of problems with them. It's happened all over the country as they have moved state to state. They come in quickly, create havoc in the court system, extort the public, then get out of town when a court finally says no or people have had enough. It's easier for them to ask for forgiveness, then permission.

Wonder why the Lafayette citizens aren't paying? Maybe it's because our mayor sold us out, along with our Bill of Rights.

Good day.
Stephanie Ware

click here to download Brief information regarding violations of state statutes, as well as violations of the state and United States Constitution. - 70k .doc file.

more later...