15 December 2007

piyush see piyush do

doing some do-do with piyush

politico brings us this story (see link) about how 2008 republican presidential hopeful "mike huckabee accepted more than 90 gifts from 21 arkansans he appointed to state posts during his decade as governor."

yet here in neighboring louisiana, where it appears that governor elect piyush "bobby" jindal is doing the same thing as huckabee -- no one in the media has picked up on it. no one outside of a few blogs has reported this rather obvious, in your face, trend.

so we decided that we would help out the media and give them some pointers on how to get this information:
firstly, get the list(s) of names of people that piyush has appointed;

secondly, go to this link: www.ethics.state.la.us/cgi-bin/la98/contrib-html
now, on here piyush goes by his "christian" handle "bobby" so choose jindal, bobby in the drop down box where it says -Candidates-

next, start typing in names

that is all, now make it so.