10 December 2007

reconstruction of new orleans updated

we get chided a lot for being "conspiracy theorists," but when you understand that a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action ~ source and remembering that this is louisiana the most corrupt state in the nation then you see conspiracies everywhere.

back on 25 may 2006 we posted and linked to a judicial inc post they call 'the reconstruction of new orleans.' judicial inc claimed (and still does) that the new orleans levees were blown as part of a plan to 'run the blacks out' and to turn new orleans into the las vegas of the south.

earlier today we found ourselves on 'we could be famous' blog via rogers rant's and noladishu. at this post on 'we could be famous' we sat down to watch a video.

the video shows how

"hurricane katrina destroyed most of the affordable housing in new orleans. but the brick public housing developments survived the storm. despite this, the government plans to demolish most of the city's public housing before christmas. thousands of affordable apartments will be destroyed. most public housing residents have not been able to return to new orleans."

ms. kawana jasper at the st. bernard housing development

at the st. bernard housing development, which has been closed since katrina, displaced resident kawana jasper caught our attention when she said "it's so sad to see this place like this when you know they have people thats homeless, that need a place to live, we not welcome, they trying to make this more for tourists. they trying to make it like las vegas where all the rich people stay in the city limits and all the poor people, poverty stricken people live on the outskirts of new orleans. but this where i lived 3841 duplessis."

nearest we can tell this video and no part of it is referenced in judicial inc's post. since some of the footage is from 2006, we suppose that the truly deep thinking scoffer could always say that who ever runs the judicial inc website saw this video and made their post to fit it...ya never know..thats why its called a conspiracy.