04 December 2007

redflex scam doesnt appear to be a subject of alexandria city council special meeting

will alexandrian's lay down their civil liberties and privacy for their mayor and city council to have another revenue source to steal from?

despite the alexandria daily town talk's apparantly erroneous reporting that alexandria city attorney charles "chuck" johnson, esq. "will update city officials at 10 a.m. today about matters involving Redflex Holdings." what actually transpired shows differently. of coz, what the city says publicly and what they do behind closed doors out of the public view is anybody's guess.

in any event, once again the town talk totally (purposely?) misses the real story and reinforces their status as the marketing and public relations arm of city government(s). what the town talk should have been questioning is how the city could legally meet in executive session to discuss redflex in the first place.

by the way would it kill whoever is in charge of broadcasting city council meeting videos to put the date on the screen for both special and committee meetings? they do put the date on the screen when city council meetings are in session but no dates for the rest. whats up with that?
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december 04 2007
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