01 December 2007

more piyush 'freshness'

despite running a campaign promising freshness, a new era and a new way of doing things and a "war on (some) corruption" [direct video link] all we've seen appointed by piyush "bobby" jindal so far is a whole slew of recycled dust farters and others of dubious qualifications other than the fact that they kicked in mucho dinero to the elect piyush campaign fund or served the piyush scam in some other tangible way like proctor & gambles' bonnie lemoine did.

advocate excerpt:

Former Senate President Randy Ewing confirmed Friday that Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal’s transition team has approached him about managing the daily operations of state government.

The job of commissioner of administration is a key appointment because it entails handling the state’s multibillion-dollar budget.

Jindal launched a search for a commissioner — one of dozens of positions he must fill — about two weeks after winning the governor’s race. He takes office Jan. 14.

“The appeal would be to work with a new administration (and) a brilliant young man,” Ewing said Friday of the possibility of becoming a top Jindal aide.

Ewing, 63, said Sulphur businessman Dennis Stine, who is leading the commissioner search, called him several nights ago about the job.

“(Stine) asked me specifically, would I consider it if I was called, and I said, ‘I will’,” Ewing said.

Stine said “We have an excellent talent pool to choose from.”