02 December 2007

redflex scam doesnt appear to be on alexandria city council secret executive session agenda

in a 20 november 2007 alexandria, la. city council committee meeting, alexandria city attorney charles "chuck" johnson, esq. said that he planned to secretly present more redflex scam information to the city council out of the public view in a special secret meeting (called an executive session) on 04 december 2007.

the city has posted the agenda (see link or here) and redflex doesnt appear to be anywhere on the agenda.

of coz the agenda ends with that pesky line: "D. ANY OTHER BUSINESS WHICH BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT MAY PROPERLY COME BEFORE THE COUNCIL." so this could theoretically allow the city council to sneak in a secret discussion on redflex.

however, the specific law the city cites for going into executive session La. R.S. 42:6.1(A)(2)

Strategy sessions or negotiations with respect to collective bargaining, prospective litigation after formal written demand, or litigation when an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the bargaining or litigating position of the public body.
would seem to prohibit the city from secretly discussing the redflex scam. on the other hand, the city has never let a minor inconvenience like the law stop them from doing whatsoever they desire.