17 December 2007

joey durel and his republican crime gang running lafayette, la. city-parish government taking new tact with redflex scam


  • feds launch investigation of redflex traffic systems inc

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    on 23 october 2007 the lafayette consolidated government stated according to the minutes of their meeting that the australian redflex company would be collecting fines for the joint redflex - lafayette redlight camera scam:

    screen grab of page 5
    click here to download the eight page .pdf from the lafayette consolidated government website

    in the meantime:
    Chief Jim Craft has taken and filed Extortion charges against RedFlex and The City, and Malfeasance in Office charges against Joey Durel, the city attorney and Director of Transportation, Tony Tramel, for their illegal implementation of this RedFlex program in Lafayette. It is now on District Attorney, Mike Harson's desk.

    click here to download ordinance no. O-280-2007 5 page .pdf from the lafayette consolidated government website

    so what does the organized crime gang running lafayette city-parish government do? they introduce the above ordinance to be heard tuesday, 18 december 2007, which changes a few definitions:
    Sec. 86-177. Definitions.

    (1) Department shall mean the Traffic and Transportation Department, its successor, or an authorized representative as determined by the Director.
    which now means that the city will be enforcing and collecting the payments of their bogus "civil penalities."
    Sec. 86-179. Enforcement; procedures.

    (a) The Department is responsible for the enforcement and administration of Sections 86-177 through 86-183, inclusive. The Department may enforce and administer Sections 86-177 through 86-183, or any parts thereof, through one or more contractors selected in accordance with applicable law. The actions which can be used to enforce the payment of this civil penalty and related fees may consist of but not be limited to immobilization of vehicles (booting), reporting the debt to collection agencies/credit reporting agencies, and/or initiating actions through the small claims court.

    (b) In order to impose a civil penalty under this article, the Department shall mail a notice of violation to the Owner of the vehicle liable for the civil penalty not later than the thirtieth (30th) calendar day inclusive of legal holidays and weekends after the date the violation is alleged to have occurred.