04 December 2007

the national republican senatorial committee latest katrina mary landrieu snellings commercial is lame

we just watched the nrsc's latest commercial (see link) in which they try and tie louisiana's nutty dino katrina mary landrieu snellings to hillary clinton using the flip-flop thing. the boneheads at the nrsc trot out edited footage of senator clinton's recent flip flop on new york state governor eliot spitzer's plan to give illegal immigrants id cards or state drivers licenses.

then they segue into katrina mary's recent votes on S.1639 a bill by senator edward kennedy a democrat from massachusetts.

now if the nrsc was serious in attacking nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings on illegal immigration, the bill to use would be S.2611 which was a much worse bill and one in which katrina mary voted YEA. one small problem for the nrsc rethuglicans republicans - S.2611 was a bill by pennsylvania scum bag arlen specter -- a republican.

by the way, did you know that before arlen specter became a united states senator he was ira einhorn the 'unicorn killer' lawyer? see here.

this attempt by the republicans is just as laughable as the democrats ill advised, because they asked all the wrong questions, hit on piyush "bobby" jindal and his so called religion.

just like pat buchanan pointed out years ago the democrats and the republicans are just two wings of the same great bird of prey -- both parties are traitors - equally -- and should be ran off the planet.