09 December 2007

senate candidate john kennedy to wst...drop dead

on thursday, 29 november 2007 louisiana state treasurer john kennedy finally made his official announcement that he would stand for united states senator and we posted about it here.

that same day oyster @ your right hand thief left a comment at that post and another nola blogger from a blog called 'we could be famous' left a comment also.

both comments ask valid questions and questions that we have to admit we have been derelict in our duty in not finding out the answer to before we posted in support of sec'y kennedy's senate candidacy.

back in the summer sec'y kennedy and his campaign staff didnt mind sending us practically hourly updates as senate bill 14 was making its way through the legislature. so we posted about it and we did phone our state representative's office to ask that he vote against sb14 should it make it to the house floor.
the bill eventually died as the legislature ran out of time before it was ever considered. of coz, we're not silly enough to suggest that we played any role in sb14's failure; we only mention it because we thought we had some sort of "relationship" with sec'y kennedy and his campaign.

so with that in mind we thought it wouldnt be a big deal to email sec'y kennedy to find out just what his stance is on the issues mentioned. after all, in his announcement he assures us "that Becky and I made this decision carefully, after much thought, prayer and discussion." so we took that to mean that he had considered all the issues and had formulated his platform accordingly:

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Subject: kennedy for senate info request

hi - iam writing to ask you what senate candidate kennedy's positions are on:

(1) the usa patriot act

(2) the real id act

(3) the "war on terror"

(4) the iraq war and potential war with iran

readers of my blog www.wesawthat.blogspot.com are likewise interested and want to know sec'y kennedy's positions as well:

Is Kennedy for the repeal of the Patriot Act? Is Kennedy against the
war in Iraq? Which way do you think he'll be voting once he's subject
to the Republican caucus?

I'm not fan of Miss Mary but you can't seriously believe Kennedy would
have done any differently.

If Kennedy had progressive political beliefs he'd be challenging from
the left as a democrat.

He's running as a republican because he's going to position himself as
a conservative, no?
e | Homepage | Thursday 29 November 2007 - 20:21:09 | #

It might be illuminating to see what vote Kennedy would have cast on
the issues you mentioned. Could you find out whether he supports or
opposes these acts?
oyster | Homepage | Thursday 29 November 2007 - 18:52:04 | #
comments taken from post:

thanks for your attention to this matter.
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on sunday, 02 december 2007, we noticed that someone from sec'y kennedy's campaign visited our blog. we believe that whoever it was clicked a hyper link from the above email.

here it is nine days since we sent our email query and a week since the kenndy for senate campaign vistied our blog and have yet to receive any sort of response at all. this is unacceptable. sec'y kennedy is insulting the readers of this blog and especially those who took the time to leave a comment and he is insulting oysters as well as 'we could be famous' readers as well.

apparently, the only "issues" that sec'y kennedy has considered is the results of various polls which show that its a strong possibility that he can win the election and we guess he will figure out what he stands for once he gets in office -- or when turd blossom tells him what his position is.

in our admittedly asinine opinion, anyone thats running for a federal office and arrogantly thinks that they can just skate in due to their 'cult of personality' rather than taking a stance and answering questions from their constituents on where they stand on the great issues facing this country is not going to get very far.

just today whilst watching a chris rock vid clip, mr. rock, talking about politics, reminded us that "anyone that makes up they mind before they hear the issue, is a fucking fool, okay. everybody's so busy wanting to be down with the gang, i'am a conservative, i'am a liberal. its bullshit! be a fucking person. listen! let it swirl around your head. then, form your opinion. no normal, decent person is one thing okay." mr. rock is right it was foolish of us to jump on the kennedy bandwagon before we learned his stand on the issues.