23 December 2007

VIEWPOINT: Calls for Impeachment of New Orleans Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous; very sad time for "our court"

guest post:

by Barbara Ann Jackson

In light of the innumerable lives that have been diminished or even destroyed because of JUDICIAL CORRUPTION, IT MAKES ME LIVID to read that New Orleans Eastern District Federal Court Judge Helen G. Berrigan stated: it's a very sad time for Judge Thomas Porteous and his family and for us and “our court."

That is just the problem! Rather than lament people whom Judge Porteous’ acceptance of bribes has harmed, the judges think the court belongs to them, but not all people. More specifically, the New Orleans Eastern District Federal Court elitist establishment is so full of itself, it is demonstratively unwilling to apply well-established laws when such an application adversely affects one of its own.

I am incensed at judicial insularism which has fostered "Haves" and "Have Nots" classes of New Orleans people! I am further appalled at the lack of outrage about the fact that –although years ago the law was broken when federal Judge Porteous filed falsified bankruptcy pleadings and accepted bribes, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten ELECTED that Letten would neither prosecute Judge Porteous, NOR the lawyers who paid bribes to the federal judge! Further, long before Hurricane Katrina, it was common knowledge that Porteous was connected to the Bail Bonds Unlimited / Operation Wrinkled Robe scandal of which 2 other judges, sheriffs, and Louis and Lori Marcott went to jail. Also, Internet comments posted on nola.com/news make it clear that people distrust Judge Porteous; and his presence on the bench had long ago evoked a stench.

With examples such as unethical jurists being maintained in their positions based on perceptions of ownership or entitlement, why should society be expected to obey laws? And why should a judge with diseased ethics be allowed to sit in judgment of anyone else? Moreover, posted at www.lawgrace.org is irrefutable proof that judges within this same federal court system repeatedly have issued erroneous rulings that benefit Louisiana’s longstanding real estate and mortgage fraud racketeering activity committed by certain mortgage giants and debt collector attorneys. For such reason, compliment of recalcitrant U.S. Attorneys and certain Eastern District Federal Court judges, New Orleans will continue being a Banana Republic.

Submitted by
Barbara Ann Jackson (Katrina displaced from New Orleans)
Law & Grace, Inc.,
note: this essay by ms. jackson was also published today on opednews.com - see link.