07 December 2007

State Judge Badeaux; U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, mortgage giant FREDDIE MAC and other's deception...

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from Barbara Ann Jackson (www.lawgrace.org)

**The following is a condensed version of what I posted December 7, 2007 on the Times Picayune blog regarding State Judge Badeaux; U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, mortgage giant FREDDIE MAC and other's deception;

the Nationwide Mortgage Mess; and more. Here's that link

THREE different articles were printed on Friday, December 7, 2007 in the Times Picayune Newspaper: (1) A news story entitled: "Judge gets debt reprieve" by Benjamin Alexander-Bloch;. (2) "EDITORIAL: Hit fraud hard;" and (3) Valerie Faciane's article: "Divorce, ill son add to mom's problems." All three Times Picayune articles are instructive for addressing the Nationwide MORTGAGE MESS & FORECLOSURE CRISIS; and all three are instructive for spotlighting INJUSTICE by the New Orleans Federal System, which includes unlawful conduct of U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.

First, the news story regarding the foreclosure of Judge Reginald Badeaux's home state that his home was foreclosed on by mortgage holders S&A Capital Partners; and the mortgage was owned by Bank One, and then Chase Bank; the judge missed approximately 18 payments. (A foreclosure by Bank One or Chase Bank would NOT have been a valid foreclosure.) The story also clearly informs the judge was afforded opportunities to defend his foreclosure situation.

Second, the "Editorial: Hit fraud hard," appears to want people who commit fraud to be fully EXPOSED and prosecuted. By contrast, there has been repeated talk of Foreclosure Fraud in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, and the same names keep popping up. Lawsuits have been filed and unfairly disposed of; and there was that occasion back in December 15, 2004, when the Times Picayune published: "Homeowners sue law firm, . . ." But, illegal foreclosure fraud, especially pre-Katrina is an undeniable, unaddressed reality in Louisiana. . .

Despite the undeserved praise U.S. Jim Letten receives for his SELECTIVE rosecutions, no federal investigation into manifestly questionable foreclosure practices has been launched. In fact, court records in federal case #06-1408 and case #3821 back up my accusation that Jim Letten's office purposefully helped to cover up foreclosure fraud surrounding Freddie Mac's impossible year 2005 acquisition of property located at 4968 Lurline Street from non-existent GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc., which became defunct -as proven by the Secretary of State Corporation database- on October 25, 2002. (In 1999 GE Capital Mortgage Services, merged with "Travelers," and Travelers became defunct; then in 2002 GE Capital Mortgage Services merged with GE Mortgage Services, LLC, and GE Capital became defunct. BUT foreclosure on 4968 Lurline was NEVER filed by the mortgage holder, Wells Fargo!)

Putting it plainly, Judge Reginald Badeaux's home was LAWFULLY foreclosed on by the existing mortgage holder. But the foreclosure litigations that were filed and carried out by use of the identity of that non-existent mortgage company which formerly owned the 4968 Lurline Street was NOT a valid foreclosure. Unlike Judge Badeaux's chance to defend / address the foreclosure of his property, the people at 4968 Lurline were impeded through judicial misrepresentations!

Afterwards, when 3 days prior to Katrina, Freddie Mac evicted the Lurline Street occupants, they filed a state court lawsuit for "CONVERSION," hoping to finally have the court address impossible acquisitions and transfers of 4968 Lurline Street, including Freddie Mac's role. (Due to Katrina displacement, foreclosures and impediments to justice for MINORITIES obviously is diminished. However, innumerable MINORITIES of such foreclosed property owners have similar injustices, and blatant fraud. I'll hold my breathe while that ever gets a full report!) In contrast to Judge Badeaux, victims of foreclosure fraud are ENTITLED TO REPRIEVE due to LACK OF STANDING to bring foreclosure through use of a mortgage company which is not holder of the note. . .

But while the property owners were exiled from New Orleans due to Katrina, attorneys GROUNDLESSLY brought the lawsuit to federal court, on theory of Freddie Mac being under federal jurisdiction. HOWEVER, Freddie Mac has to this date never been served the conversion lawsuit, and no grounds for federal court existed. But the federal judge confiscated the case anyway! When that judge was sued for Constitutional violations, Jim Letten's office kept that judge from being accountable! The full details are contained in federal court records for case #06-3821 and case #06-1408; and contained in the FEDERAL appeal Reinstatement Motions in Federal Appeal Case # 07-30426.

Thirdly, Valerie Faciane's news story entitled: "Divorce, ill son add to mom's problems" is an example of what brought about my hardships. Except, judicial misconduct corruption prevented me from judicial remedies which are supposed to be available through domestic court. In fact, scores of people have received injustices from New Orleans domestic court, especially pre-Katrina; many of which cannot but be yet crippled in their new locales. But when I add domestic injustice, and the U.S. Attorney's Office and Federal Courts favoring corporate attorneys and foreclosure frauds, while refusing ordinary people A CHANCE to have their day in court, or refusing to study the EVIDENCE presented -especially the fact of a non-existent mortgage company, but rather force and subject people to years of costs and reprisals for challenging those MANIFEST illegal foreclosures, the December 7, 2007 editorial: "Hit fraud hit" makes me wince!. . .

It goes without saying, not all judges are corrupt. My website is replete with facts and evidence of fraudulent foreclosures, judicial corruption, political cronyism, appalling Civil Court Injustices, and much more in Louisiana. (For people with difficulty correlating the 'justice systems' to the Violence, Poverty, and other social ills, please consider other points of view. Louisiana's Criminal court system is hardly NOT the pariah that the CIVIL court system is for Louisiana, and Jim Letten's SELECTIVE pursuit of people will ultimately be obvious to all.)

It is Judge Badeaux s good fortune that he is UNLIKE displaced people with no connections in the legal field, and who do not have TWO homes or any other place to live, and therefore are yet displaced from the only city they've known. It is Judge Badeaux's good fortune that people at the Times Picayune Newspaper care about his personal situation; and unlike me who, MERELY IN THE PURSUIT of receiving established laws and statutes provisions, was subjected to financial hardships and irreparable wrongs. I hope Judge Badeaux's situation is not connected to the rampant judicial corruption in Louisiana.

**PROOF, with court transcript excerpts and pleadings of judicial corruption, including Jim Letten's office, fraudulent foreclosures, and much more is posted at http://www.lawgrace.org.