28 December 2007

federal investigation of redflex traffic systems inc launched

UPDATE: video: joey durel/tony tramel's australian redflex kangaroo court

  • feds launch investigation of redflex traffic systems inc

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    yet once again we louisianaians must count on the federal government to investigate crooked politicians and political corruption in this state because local districts attorney and police refuse to do their jobs - most likely because they are all in on it together.

    here is the contents of a press release wst... received this morning:
    Press Release

    To : All Recipients of RedFlex Traffic Systems, Inc. correspondence/Notices
    All Media Outlets

    From: KVOL-AM 1330 on behalf of Pittman Broadcasting Services, LLC
    Ware Investigations, LLC
    Joel Henderson, Private Citizen

    We have been asked to assist in a criminal investigation for the collection of information involving a federal inquiry regarding the Redflex Traffic Systems and the Safe Speed Lafayette program. We are asking anyone in the State of Louisiana and/or any other state, who is interested in having their Safe Speed Notices, or any other correspondence received from Redflex and/or the Safe Speed Program, to be reviewed by the requesting federal authority to please drop off or mail a copy of the envelope and contained Notice therein to 1330 KVOL-AM at 3225 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette, Louisiana 70506.

    KVOL will accommodate citizens with copy machine usage in order to collect evidence for the federal authority. Recipients of said notices are also encouraged to fax a copy of envelopes and letters or contents enclosed to 337-993-5510. Collection of the above mentioned material can be done during business hours at 3225 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette, LA 70506; However, faxes can be sent 24 hours/7 days a week. Citizens’ privacy and confidential information will be protected. The information collected will be transferred directly to the federal authority and will not be retained by Pittman Broadcasting Services LLC, KVOL-AM 1330, Ware Investigations LLC or Joel Henderson.

    KVOL-AM 1330 - 337-993-5500
    STEPHANIE WARE 337-296-7474
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