26 December 2007

join the grass roots internet effort to save dr. dennis laravia job at bogalusa lsu medical center

hmmm this should be interesting...the washington parish, bogalusa, louisiana people are about the most internet savvy group of grass root activists in the state. thats not to take anything away from the legion of bloggers at new orleans, but there is just something different about the residents there and their admirable tenacity and what they will do to get their story out -- like this video for instance.

so earlier tonight when we received an email from a friend about the seemingly unjust firing of a popular and respected doctor at bogalusa we knew that things are about to happen.

our emailer says:

Chad & we saw that,
Could you please post the article on your web sites? We could use the coverage on this issue. Dr. LaRavia is well respected and has done a lot of good for our community; therefore, our political powers that be say he must go. Lots of money flows from the state to this facility, and it is amazing how Chamico (owned by Charles Mizell (reservoir commissioner) gets the contracts.

Hopefully, the governor's office and our new governor elect will have people looking at your web sites. We can only hope for the best.

I hope all is well and that all of you had a great Christmas.
so, if you can do anything to help save dr.laravia's job please do so. thanks.