22 February 2008

another new orleanian goes home

about a month or so ago there was a rumor that edwin edwards was about to be released from federal prison. not wanting to miss the news we set a google news alert to "edwin edwards" and you would be surprised how often someone mentions him or something relating to him every day on the net.

its usually someone quoting that edwards line about the "dead girl or live boy" and then theres a bank robber, jacob edwin edwards up in minnesota who has been in the news a lot up there recently. they're not all bad or negative like this letter to the editor in the houma paper "former gov. should be released immediately."

so tonight we received a google alert and it took us to a blog post "i registered to vote." its one post of three others in a newer blog. the opening post begins:

I am a black woman from a Creole culture in New Orleans Louisiana. I almost hate typing Louisiana, because it is as foreign to me as New Orleans is to it. I've had the great misfortune to be displaced in Louisiana because of Hurricane Katrina. The last two years of my life has been like walking through a dream I wasn't sure was mine. More often than not, it was a nightmare, but there were a few good turns in the drama.

I lived most of my life in New Orleans, and as I was growing up, the idea was to get out of there. New Orleans has been hard living for a long time and anybody who wanted better for themselves was told to leave and find your fortune elsewhere. After white flight, urban blight. That's the New Orleans I grew up in. I watched my city curl up ready to die several times over the last few decades. We survived. It seemed that Katrina sounded the final death knell. I suppose we'll see.

This month, through a series of fortunate and hard won circumstances, I am going home...