02 February 2008

mississippi's inbreeding is showing again

today, drudge sends us over to the smoking gun where we learn about mississippi house bill no. 282. a bill which will "prohibit certain food establishments from serving food to any person who is obese."

graphic courtesy: common voice

the bill is by two republicans rethuglicans w.t. mayhall, jr. and john read. the token democrat dumocrat is bobby shows.

we keep pointing it out over and over again how republicans say that they stand for smaller goverment, governmental regulations, interference and lower taxes. yet time after time we see republicans attempting to and in far too many cases actually passing laws for that which they claim to be totally opposed. no one in the republican party leadership and none of the republican party talking heads ever mention it either.

all three of these idiots should be drummed out of the legislature for filing something so frivolous. look at all the taxpayers money they wasted in researching the laws and drafting the bill, copies and so forth. the fact that one republican much less two would be involved in this is an insult to true republicans everywhere and brings further disgrace on the republican party.

after having seen this bill, do you really think that any of these three would have any problem whatsoever in filing, supporting and voting for other bills that would take away your rights?