28 February 2008

flaky whitehouse.com website scrubs all larry sinclair posts!

UPDATE: larry sinclair adds new video to youtube

UPDATE: big head dc has requested comment from whitehouse.com website owner dan parisi. see - sinclair feud with whitehouse.com escalates

larry sinclair sent the below excerpted email to dan parisi owner of www.whitehouse.com and they respond by removing all of their larry sinclair posts - including the increasingly suspicious "polygraph" series of posts.

google cache | yahoo cache of whitehouse.com

somehow, despite posting that they were changing their commenting system to require a registration, after the removal of all their larry sinclair posts - the original commenting system has also returned to the whitehouse.com website posts.

via big head dc

Big Head DC has obtained an e-mail sent from Larry Sinclair, the man who accuses Sen. Barack Obama of using drugs and of having a sexual encounter with him in 1999, to Dan Parisi, owner of WhiteHouse.com. The message was sent early this morning:

Mr. Parisi,

This is to inform you yet again that you continue to have up on your web site photographs and reports concerning me which you have publicly stated you have stopped payment for.

You need to remove those posts and make payment for the use of them which has been billed and sent to your New York office and you must do so within 48 hours make said payment if the original payment is returned by your bank unpaid. ~ click link to read entire letter.
obama who? blog gives some background:
Controversy with Larry Sinclair, Obama, Polygraph test and Whitehouse.com???


Larry Sinclair claims that deception occurred with Whitehouse.com. regarding the Lie Detector test about the alleged Sex and Drug Scandal with Barack Obama. He claims to have posted all the email correspondences with them for the public to view. Also, interestingly, he has posted copies of the Whitehouse.com checks and presented info that the checks were given to the charities.


Dr Gelb , the polygrapher that administered the test to Larry Sinclair for Whitehouse.com does not have a fully accredited Ph.D ??????


Reverse Speech has done their analysis of Larry Sinclair’s alleged allegations and has stated that Larry Sinclair is telling the truth ??????


Now Whitehouse.com has posted only Dr Gelb’s report that had been originally handwritten. It took another full day to type up a one page , simplistic report. Why is that? Only one page??????? This is science??????? This is the scientific evidence??????

NO charts displaying data were posted on their site.

NO list of questions asked for 4 hours were supplied for review on their site.

To date, the 2nd polygraph examiner has not written his report to be posted on Whitehouse.com. Why is that???????? ~ link
click link to read more at big head dc.