20 February 2008

latest gannett/town talk/wagner/kalb/crawford story leaves more questions than answers

once again the town talk's half-assed and shoddy reporting is apparent. in their most recent 'news' story posted to the town talk's website this morning (see link). again the town talk fails to get to the bottom of the heath crawford's r.p.s.o. employment/kalb/wagner campaign/email status.

why wont the town talk release or at the very least state from where mr. crawford's email(s) originated? oh and now we learn that mr. crawford faxed some news releases so what telephone number did these faxes originate from? this shouldnt be that hard to figure out since most fax machines stamp the originating telephone number at the top of the fax. as far as the emails thats even easier- did they come from an rpso email account and if so, then how did mr. crawford gain access to an rpso email account if he wasnt employed by or authorized by proper authority (the sheriff) to do so?

notice that the town talk has never bothered to print the dates of mr. crawford's kalb employment other than his last day at kalb was friday 15 february 2008. the town talk dont dare print that because if it is true that mr. crawford worked for kalb during the sheriff election then people would be questioning the town talk why they didnt report that a media general/kalb employee was working for the wagner campaign back during the sheriff election campaign. after all, the town talk endorsed mike slocum - or at least pretended to.

you think that central louisiana's media community dont know each other and know what the other is up to? they might not know what specific stories the other is working on at any given time but they do know each other and talk to each other. michele godard in her 15 november 2007 ksyl interview said that she talks to the town talk's abbey brown [.mp3 clip 560kb] who just happens to be the very same reporter who's writing these crawford/wagner stories.

dont forget the husband and wife team of jim leggett and babs zimmerman. jim leggett was at the town talk while babs zimmerman worked at kalb. isnt it reasonable to assume that they talked about developments with each other? perhaps even coordinating their respective 'news' organizations individual reports to sculpt the message about any given 'news' event?

its looking to us like the town talk probably inadvertently blew the lid off a massive scam involving kalb and the wagner campaign (notice that sheriff wagner has never denied that mr. crawford worked for his campaign) and now they cant do anything but offer up absurd, half-assed 'news' reports in an effort to control and misdirect the attention away from the real story at least until public attention wanes.

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