26 February 2008

local attorney richard e. "dick" lee suspended from the practice of law

louisiana supreme court suspends local attorney and former ninth judicial district court judge richard e. lee from the practice of law for six months...with all but forty-five days deferred....

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The Opinions handed down on the 26th day of February, 2008, are as follows:

2007-B -2061 IN RE: RICHARD E. LEE

(Disciplinary Proceedings)
Upon review of the findings and recommendations of the hearing
committee and disciplinary board, and considering the record, briefs,
and oral argument, it is ordered that Richard E. Lee, Louisiana Bar
Roll number 7904, be and he hereby is suspended from the practice of
law for six months, with all but forty-five days deferred, subject to
the conditions set forth in this opinion. Any failure of respondent to
comply with these conditions may be grounds for making the deferred
portion of the suspension executory, or imposing additional
discipline, as appropriate. All costs and expenses in the matter are
assessed against respondent in accordance with Supreme Court Rule XIX,
§ 10.1, with legal interest to commence thirty days from the date of
finality of this court's judgment until paid.