21 February 2008

robert novak alluded to larry sinclair being a clinton plant in november 2007

well. well. well. back on 21 january 2008 we posted a video added to youtube on 11 january 2008 by larry sinclair in which mr. sinclair alleged drug use and a same sex act in 1999 between himself and u.s. senator and 2008 democratic presidential candidate barack obama. we stumbled across the video on rense.com a website that we have followed since at least 2000 because it provides text links to outside news articles and is, as far as we are concerned, a news aggregator type website similar to drudge, whatreallyhappened.com or louisiana's own the dead pelican.

almost immediately wst... - and other blogs - were attacked by a blog called "dear murray" [www.dearmurray.com] that looks to be a blog kept by a "red diaper-doper baby" (did we just quote michael savage nee weiner? yeck) for being a part of some sort of concerted effort to smear barack obama on behalf of the ron paul campaign. while its true that we did support ron paul, our support for congressman paul ended when he repudiated 911 truth. this was on 10 january 2008 at a fox news debate - video. we didnt post right away that we no longer supported congressman paul because we didnt see any need to as it was obvious that he lost a lot of support.

the bottom line is that we didnt know about the larry sinclair video until 21 january 2008 while we had quit supporting ron paul on 10 january 2008. furthermore we have never been a part of the ron paul campaign.

unfortunately, a local blog who should have known better was tricked into promoting the 'dear murray' "ron paul supporters are behind the larry sinclair 'smear' of barack obama" fantasy.

anyway, we ran across this post on big head dc blog which claims that robert novak - he of valerie plame fame - in a 17 november 2007 news column captioned "hillary vs obama" was referring to the sinclair allegations.

mr. novak wrote:
“Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information about her principal opponent for the party’s presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama, but has decided not to use it.”
on 19 november 2007 msnbc discussed mr. novak's column see msnbc video "allegations of scandalous info on obama." yet somehow 'dear murray' and other bloggers missed all this information or conveniently forgot to include it as a possibility.

which brings us up to 19 february 2008 and senator clinton's and senator obama's remarks following the wisconsin primary.

notice how c-span left senator clinton's speech around seven and a half minutes into it to join senator obama who was just starting his speech.

in senator obama's speech he said "i have imperfections, i am not a perfect vessel" we didnt catch it but a c-span pundit sure did see video around time fifty-nine minutes. could this have been a reference by senator obama to the larry sinclair allegations about to surface?
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