28 February 2008

larry sinclair adds new youtube video 28 february 2008

"This is to state my opinion on the Parisi Fraud" ~ larry sinclair

in his latest youtube video, larry sinclair says that hes not "whining or crying about the alleged results of the polygraph done in los angeles on the twenty-first of february - i am raising the same questions that the second expert gordon barland made very clear in his report"

mr. sinclair says that he is "calling out dan parisi and whitehouse dot com because they began outright lying immediately after the polygraph was conducted in mr. gelb's office."

mr. sinclair says that he is raising issues with the validity of the polygraph report including the way the machine was hooked up to his body.

whitehouse.com has mysteriously removed all its posts regarding larry sinclair from its website and has stopped payment on a $20,000 dollar check they had given to mr. sinclair. the $20,000 was apparently promised to mr. sinclair by whitehouse.com and dan parisi under the guise of giving whitehouse.com and dan parisi exclusive rights to polygraph him and to be the first to present the results to the world.

however, whitehouse.com and dan parisi's actions have been very suspicious to many and many more are increasingly coming under the impression that whitehouse.com and dan parisi, perhaps acting as agents of barack obama or the barack obama campaign or other interested individuals or entities connected to senator obama, were playing mr. sinclair all along, to discredit him by manipulating the results or by outright lying about the results of the polygraph test. besides going back on their word about the payment and never posting the complete results of the polygraph, whitehouse.com had promised to post the video of the polygraph test and never did.

whitehouse.com is a bunch of liars and you shouldnt trust them as a place to get real news from.

for more on larry sinclair and his allegations of a november 1999 same sex and drugs encounter with barack obama click the larry sinclair label in the footer of this post.