20 February 2008

cynthia jardon: kalb 'beyond the pale'

a gannett/town talk editor, cynthia jardon, takes the rapides parish sheriff's office and some local media to task over the developing heath crawford/p.i.o. scandal.

the thing is though, is that the media, the town talk included, will not release mr. crawford's original and complete email(s) that touched off the firestorm to begin with.

for instance, if the media would release the complete email(s) with the headers intact, the public could see if the email(s) were sent by mr. crawford from an official rapides parish sheriff office email account such as webmaster@rpso.org [source: contact r.p.s.o.] or did they come from a non-rpso account such as a hotmail or yahoo email account. we could also check the originating i.p. number contained in the email header to see if it resolves from an official rpso email server or not.

in a 'news' article published by the town talk today it points out:

In an interview with The Town Talk on Friday regarding the e-mail sent by Crawford, Wagner did not mention that Crawford was not employed as the director of public affairs.

sheriff wagner released the above very oddly worded statement sometime yesterday that a town talk story chat commenter "rpcitizen" remarked:
The "letter" from the sheriff posted by the Town Talk reads as though it were written by a child. The letter (actually a paragraph) is written in both first and third person format, and there is no clarification at all regarding the employment of Heath Crawford.
meanwhile, kalb's mike magnoli is supposed to 'interview' sheriff wagner this morning about all this to be aired tonight at 6:00 pm.