26 February 2008

gannett/town talk files public records request regarding city of alexandria, la. public access channel and website controversy

kja communications group proposal pulled from committee agenda
town talk excerpt:
A debated proposal to hire KJA Communications for maintenance and programming of the Government Access Channel and the city of Alexandria's Web site has been pulled from a committee agenda.
The item appeared on an earlier version of the agenda as part of a committee discussion, but a new version of the agenda released Monday afternoon no longer shows it listed for discussion today.
in a story published today the gannett/town talk signals that they are going to get serious investigating and hopefully reporting what they find out about the city of alexandria's public access channel and website.

city of alexandria running scared
reporter karina donica writes:
According to a copy of the proposal, KJA -- the only firm that has been involved in the maintenance of city media outlets in the past few years -- could have gotten a new contract for $145,000 if the proposal would have passed.

It's not clear how long KJA has been under contract with the city. A public records request sent to the office of City Attorney Charles "Chuck" Johnson requesting copies of previous contracts has not been answered. Calls to his offices were not returned Monday.
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town talk leaves out news of attorney general 'presentation' to city council on open meetings law
according to today's city council agenda an assistant attorney general is to make a presentation to the alexandria city council on open meetings law. this hasnt been reported by the main stream media yet although it could be the subject of a separate story.

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