06 February 2008

pope benedict licks zionist spittle

despite being marketed as "god's rottweiler," "the enforcer" and "the panzer pope" we see by this news article that a more appropriate name for joseph ratzinger would be "zionist puppet."

brother nathanael kapner, a jew who converted to orthodox christianity writes on his blog:
JEWS DEMAND APOLOGIES from the “goys.” But never once do the Jews apologize for their own crimes that they try to hide from the world.

Jews were persecutors of the early Church - murdering thousands of Christians. Yet what pope has ever asked the Jews to “apologize” for murdering Christians? Jews do not “apologize” for anything. Jews make everybody else “apologize.”

Now Pope Benedict, following in the footsteps of his brow-beaten predecessor, Pope John Paul, who apologized to the Jews for the so-called “wrongs inflicted on Jews by Christians,” has cowtowed to the Jews.

How so? By caving into the demands of Rabbi David Rosen, the head of the Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations, last week on February 2, 2008. Rabbi Rosen demanded that Pope Benedict excise references to the “blindness” and “darkness” of the Jews in a Good Friday prayer that calls for their conversion to Christianity. The prayer originally read:

— “Almighty God, you do not refuse your mercy even to the perfidious Jews; Hear the prayers which we offer for their blindness so that they may acknowledge Christ and be delivered from their darkness.” —

The apt adjective “perfidious” was unfortunately removed by Pope John in 1959. But the Jews were still not satisfied. So Pope Benedict bowed to their pressure last week and took out the words “blindness” and “darkness” of the Jews. Tsk tsk.

Catholics don’t dictate to Jews how they should word their Jewish prayers. Jews would certainly be offended if they did! But Jews are in the obnoxious habit of dictating to others how they should speak and pray about them. And if any are offended by their demands, they cry, “Anti Semite!” Aren’t we all sick of it by now?
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