08 February 2008

no more skateville 'skate-night' for some j.i. barron elementary school students

below is a guest post submitted by an anonymous wst... emailer

If you're not a new parent, and not new to JI Barron, Sr. Elementary School, then you noticed something unusual on your JI Barron Honor Roll Students report card after Christmas. Please see report Card attached [two page .pdf 98kb]

I blacked out the names of the teachers, and the student and other information in the name of privacy.

There is no Skateville pass for the A-B Honor Roll. JI Barron is not new to me and I thought it odd that after two other children going through JI Barron, the time honored tradition of A-B Honor Roll skate night was missing.

I guess the school has realized that parents were congregating there and talking about the abusive practices the Principal and the Assistant Principal, as well as the Teachers and Staff have implemented with the blessing of Superintendent Gary L. Jones the Beat 'em down General, the self admitted powerless elected Rapides Parish School Board Members agreed to pay. I will agree with the statement the superintendent made when I met with him last year: "If you don't like it, you can go somewhere else, at your own expense." Our school board members who play golf with the superintendent thought that to be the funniest thing they had heard since the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when I told them what he said.

Thing about that is, I should not have to move because the people we are made to trust, the people we pay! to teach our children are criminals.

In all fairness, Skate night is not a right, its been a privilege, and even though it is the single most important positive reinforcement the school has ever had to encourage students to obtain A-B grades on their report card, the school is not interested with the grades of students as much as they are abusing you and your child with the additional discipline policy.

If you will also notice, parents received a letter from the School advising of even more abuse on the way.

If you will look down to line 5, you will see that a B in behavior is no longer good enough at JI Barron. Wide spread recess detention will start on February 6. Followed by calling you at home to set up appointment to talk about your child's "Bad" Behavior".

The calling you at home is a joke. I have experience with their call the parents policy also. When they strike your child and tell no one, and do not make reports about it to anyone, they are criminals, with criminal minds, covering up other criminals, criminal activity. Covering up abuse, and in this case, a lot of JI Barron policy is psychological abuse, it's a crime. Unfortunately, its like having the Alexandria Police Department investigate its own officers for tazering private innocent citizens to death. Ok, that hasn't happened YET!! that I'm aware of, But they WILL kill someone with it, if they keep it.

You don't ask the fox in your Hen House, if its eating your chickens.

Just because slavery and abortion is legal; doesn't make it right.

Coming to a School near you. Another bad ideal from Rapides Parish Schools.