18 February 2008

gannett/town talk still misleading public over city of alexandria & kja communications group contract

in this mornings alexandria daily town talk, the reporter, karina donica, continues to mislead the public outright lie, about the proposed city of alexandria and kja communications group contract.


Channel 4 update
Legal Committee Chairman Everett Hobbs on Tuesday tabled a discussion on a proposal to hire KJA Communications Group, the local firm proposed to program and maintain the government access channel, Channel 4, and city Web site.

The delay, at the request of the administration, followed the suggestions by several councilmen that the city needs to advertise for proposals in an attempt to attract other professional firms who may be interested in bidding for the job.

During the same meeting, Eric Hunt from Hunt and Associates asked the council to be considered for the job and submitted a copy of his firm's proposal to members of the council and administration.
the town talk refuses to report that kja communications group has held the contract for the city's website as well as channel four since at least 2003 while doing in our opinion little to nothing to upgrade or maintain either. the town talk is trying to trick its readers into thinking that "hiring" (the proper word would be "rehire") is some new proposal on the city's part.

the town talk needs to start reporting accurate, complete news and stop whoring for corporate and governmental interests.

besides, the city of alexandria's economic director, bill hess, already has the governmental/corporate shilling for kja part down pat: