21 February 2008

gannet/town talk drops a dime on sheriff wagner/media general/kalb/emails/p.i.o. scam

ya know, if the town talk continues to read blogs - thats blogs plural, they might finally learn just what their readers expect of them and how to do investigative journalism.

in todays town talk (see link) reporter abbey brown apparently delivers the goods. for instance we learn that a chuck wagner campaign worker: mr. heath crawford, was hired by media general/kalb on 12 november 2007 which was five days before the run-off election and three days before kalb news director michele godard went on ksyl radio to talk about kalb's hi-falutin media standards.

after reading ms. brown's town talk story one is left wondering whether or not mr. crawford gave ms. godard any tips on what to say in her interview or if he gave any suggestions to any of the pro-wagner supporters, like for example karla ryder and her husband kurt ryder who called in that morning.

ms. godard's own words in that interview would seem to indicate that media general/kalb was unethical in hiring a wagner campaign worker during a political campaign and while at the same time they were engaged in a major media campaign (err hatchet job, err news report) against mr. wagner's opponent - mike slocum.

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