27 February 2008

FLASH: barack obama excused from il state senate during timeframe of larry sinclair sex and drugs allegations

big head dc has uncovered illinois state senate records which show that then illinois state senator barack obama was absent from the senate on 04 november 1999. this date falls within the time frame that larry sinclair alleges that he and senator and 2008 democratic party presidential candidate, barack obama had several drugs and same sex encounters in illinois. mr. sinclair alleges that one encounter happened in the back of a limo and the next in mr. sinclair's hotel room.

whitehouse.com a website that was formally a hard core pornography website administered a polygraph test on mr. sinclair the results of which whitehouse.com claim to show 'deception' on the part of mr. sinclair.

however, those on the internet watching this unfolding saga have grown increasingly skeptical of this whole whitehouse.com polygraph nonsense due to whitehouse.com's bizarre and suspicious behavior since they released the first "expert" polygraph analysis, sunday, 24 february 2008..

despite whitehouse.com actually writing out a check to mr. sinclair in the amount they promised to pay him for undergoing their polygraph -- whitehouse.com the very next day informed mr sinclair that they had instructed their bank to dishonor the check if and when it was presented for payment. see larry sinclair's personal blog here for screen grabs of the check and more.

despite promising to post the "secondary polygrapher results" as well as the video of the polygraph test itself, whitehouse.com issued a statement on their website at 2:35 pm yesterday (26 february 2008) saying that "we are no longer going to post anything else on larry sinclair matter."

regarding the secondary polygrapher results, big head dc reported that they had:
[R]eviewed Barland’s report, which WhiteHouse.com originally commissioned yet failed to post, and Barland indicates there were technical flaws in procedure (including unnecessary interruptions), irregularities in the way the polygraph device was hooked up to Sinclair’s arm, and “uncommon” recording abnormalities involving Sinclair’s truthfulness about Obama’s alleged cocaine use. ~ link
whitehouse.com deleted the many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of comments visitors had left on whitehouse.com's larry sinclair posts.

a commenter on big head dc called 'voter' sums it up pretty clearly:
17. Voter said:

Sounds like whitehouse.com and Dan Parisi have alot of explaining to do. They didn’t carry out their end of the deal either. Now you can’t even post a comment on their site. Were they tired of hearing the truth. Until they post the video, the computer print outs and everything else related to this case, the public can only conclude that they are hiding something. What are they hiding? Who is paying them to hide the information? Sounds like a cover up to me.

posted February 26th, 2008 at 9:24 pm
the larry sinclair saga continues....