14 February 2008

timmy teepell got free tickets to 'hannah montana' and piyush scam refuses to give the media a straight answer


  • john alario, jeff arnold, jim tucker, austin badon id'd as receivers of free 'hannah montana' tickets
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    more piyush "bobby" jindal ethics controversy

    'certifiable weirdo' timmy teepell popped again
    wafb excerpt:
    Much has been said down at the legislature about free tickets and lavish meals for lawmakers and appointed state employees. Granted, all of that talk is for future legislation. However, the governor's office is not ignoring the perks that come with being governor. Governor Bobby Jindal's special session on ethics is moving through the legislature on a fast pace. Amid cries of no more fat cat meals or tickets to sporting events and concerts, the governor is dealing with a ticket controversy within his own office.

    9NEWS has learned that Timmy Teeple, the governor's chief of staff, asked for and received three free tickets to the popular Hannah Montana concert in New Orleans. Regular ticket prices ranged from $26 to $66. Teeple's tickets were for the governor's suite inside the New Orleans Arena. We had trouble getting a direct answer from the governor, when we asked him Thursday afternoon about the situation.
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    the thing is that mr. teepell casts himself as a christian, the times-picayune reported that "[teepell] has spent the better part of two decades as a foot soldier for conservative christian causes..." so then why...one must wonder...is mr. teepell taking his kids and encouraging them to partake in the devil's music and the devil's scene?