15 February 2008

hb41 blockhead chris hazel, good ol boy roy, scary billy chandler, black n blue dixon kiss piyush's ass

the point of house bill 41 by rep. tucker is for piyush scam for all intents and purposes to gain control of the state ethics board.

stephen sabludowsky of bayou buzz writes:

Governor Bobby Jindal and Speaker of the House, Republican Jim Tucker are in favor of the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) adjudicating the cases. While the Ethics Board has not yet taken a formal position on the issue, the Ethics Board Chairman, Hank Perret believes the Ethics Board should retain the adjudication of the Ethics cases.

Under legislation by Jim Tucker, the House Speaker, the Administrative Law Judge would decide the cases. The ALJ, however, is appointed by an appointee of the Governor.
By allowing the Governor to indirectly appoint the Administrative Law Judge, the Governor could be perceived to have control over the cases and the Ethics decisions.
We must remember that the laws we create during the special session could impact future Governors and even the current one who has an Ethics complaint lodged against him. If we are digging for ethics gold, we need to make sure that our shoes look as shiny as possible. It is not the reality that is killing us; It is the perception. ~ source

if you ever want to see what a joke administrative law judges are then look no further than the lafayette redflex hearings which are adjudicated by an administrative law judge.

chris hazel, chris roy, hebert dixon, billy chandler - these gutless wonders a/k/a central louisiana legislators need to grow a backbone and stop being useful idiots.

its encouraging to see that rep.don cazayoux had the wherewithal to vote nay to this garbage. rep. cazayoux is also running for congress in richard hugh baker's old seat.

for more information on don cazayoux see cenlamar here for a good jumping off point.
don cazayoux video courtesy central la politics blog read their post 'house votes to gut ethics board' here