08 February 2008

sb21 senator joe mcpherson is trying to do an end run around lobbyist to legislators gift (bribe) reporting

2008 1st Extraordinary Session
To convene at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 10, 2008
Final adjournment no later than 6:00 pm on Saturday, March 1, 2008
at first glance you would think that central louisiana's very own senator joe mcpherson's senate bill no. 21 (see link) would exempt lobbyist bribe reporting as long as they're bribing "the entire membership of a governing authority of a governmental entity." which is bad enough. however, when you read the next sentence its very easy to see what senator mcpherson is really up to:
...or any standing committee, select committee, statutory committee, committee created by resolution, subcommittee of any such committee, or recognized caucus thereof is invited to be the guest of a lobbyist.
by including members of a committee and especially a "subcommittee of any such committee" senator mcpherson has essentially gutted lobbyist/legislator bribery reporting because a subcommittee could have just a few members -- see for example appropriations subcommittees named.

so what the legislators will do is form these subcommittees and when its several legislators turn to get their lobbyist bribery they will simply assign them to a subcommittee and the next day take them off the subcommittee and assign whoever is next in line to receive their lobbyist bribery. you have to give senator mcpherson credit for having the guts to introduce this fraud. now will louisiana's mainstream media pick up on it and embarrass the hell out of him for it?

senate bill no. 21 is currently assigned to the state senate and governmental affairs committee.
see also corporate crime reporter
louisiana most corrupt state in the nation
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