26 February 2008

ksyl's dave graichen: 'dont go near the blogs'

sunday evening (24 february 2008) a silly pretend local am radio 'gadfly' vanity googles himself and winds up on a local internet blog. imagine mr. graichen's horror after he learns that the very first entry on him in google is where hes taken to task on a popular local internet blog.

what to do, what to do, he decides to leave a rather cryptic comment on the blog post in which he hopes the blogger has a "diary." ?!? wtf

the next morning, he reads the blog post over the air, careful not to mention the actual name of the blog or that he actually found the content on a blog.

naturally, this elicited a response from the blogger.

this morning around 7:46 am cst an astute and loyal reader of central la politics, phones in to ksyl and mentions the bloggers response and actually states the correct name of the local blog. click here for
streaming .mp3 clip.

when mr. graichen joins the show around 8:00 am, he soon addresses the callers inquiry and goes into full damage control mode.

mr. graichen states that "ya know one of the things i like about what we do here is we're not experts on anything we just sort of sit here, we have a good time and we discuss a lot of things like people would around a table at home or something like that...we dont pretend to be experts on anything"

responding directly to the earlier caller's inquiry, mr. graichen says that he's now sorry that he even brought it up and further tries to dismiss the central la politics blog by suggesting that mr. graichen is "probably the first person who's responded to this guy's blog in a year and a half."

whats interesting is that mr. graichen would have us believe that no one reads central la politics, yet the content on there is obviously important enough to him to bring up twice -- to try and dismiss it -- in as many days.

streaming sound clip .mp3

notice how mr. graichen's wording and vitriol is almost exactly the same as some anonymous commenters on cenla antics. hmmmm....
graphics courtesy judicial inc
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