13 February 2008

REDFLEX SCAM: joey durel, redflex, lafayette city-parish consolidated government sued

judgment day coming for joey durel and his fellow criminals/organized crime gang running lafayette, louisiana city-parish consolidated government!
sic semper tyrannis

joey durel
click here to download thirteen page .pdf

stephanie ware and phil abshire have sued lafayette city-parish consolidated government, the lafayette city-parish council, joey durel as city-parish president of lafayette and redflex traffic systems, inc.

ms. ware and mr. abshire's suit seeks class action status...


A federal class action lawsuit was filed today by the Metairie law firm of Joseph R. McMahon, III, LLC, 110 Ridgelake Drive, seeking unspecified damages and the repeal of the Safespeed and Safelight ordinances that provided for the installation and use of the speed and traffic cameras in Lafayette City- Parish last October.

Attorneys, Joseph R. McMahon, III and Anthony S. Maska, filed a class action lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government, the Lafayette City-Parish Counsel, Joey Durel, as City-Parish President of Lafayette and REDFLEX Traffic Systems, Inc., on behalf of several plaintiffs who have received Notices of Violation of the Safespeed and Safelight ordinances adopted by Lafayette City-Parish in October of 2007. More than 18,000 such tickets have allegedly been issued since then.

The thrust of the class action lawsuit alleges the enforcement of the Safespeed and Safelight ordinances violate the procedural due process rights of vehicle owners, as the ordinances assume the registered owner of the photographed vehicle actually was speeding or ran the red light, and impermissibly places the burden of proving innocence upon the vehicle owner. The ordinances also attempt to shift the standard evidentiary procedures in favor of the Parish by claiming violations are “civil” rather than criminal, violating constitutionally protected rights and existing state traffic laws.


If you would like information, please contact Joseph R. McMahon, III, or Anthony S. Maska at (504) 828-6225, or jrm@webdsi.com or asm@webdsi.com.
todd c. elliott serves joey durel with federal lawsuit
screen grab from katc - video here

wst... exclusive todd c. elliott recounts serving joey durel with this suit:
Mr. Durel has been bastardizing our entire conversation about this Redflex program. Perhaps now we can have the 'legitimate discussion' that he has been dismissing. Unfortunately our public servants, sometimes , only understand "lawyer-ball".

The Valiant Lafayetteers encourage others around the state to "serve the servants", whether it be with paperwork, emails, lawsuits or due process. Serve them their own butts, if they need to be reminded that they still work for us.

I approached the stage in the Cajundome convention center after Durel had just given his annual State of the Parish Address. KATC's cameramen filmed our approach to the stage and what transpired after wards. I walked on to the stage, still busy with the entire council of the Lafayette Consolidated Government, walked up to Mr. Durel and said: "Mr Durel?"
"yeah?" he quipped.

I then handed him a total of two summons , one for him and one for Lafayette Consolidated Government through him. He took them . I then said, "consider yourself served, sir."
He then promptly through the documents on to the table in front of him like he was holding a hot potato. He turned his back on me and exited stage right.

Hope that helps. Thanks for christening us with our name. The Valiant Lafayetteers.
Thanks for supporting us with exposure.

Todd C. Elliott
Program Director / Host "FYI:Acadiana"
1330 KVOL-AM
Lafayette, La.
Grand Master General-The Valiant Order of the Lafayetteers
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