04 February 2008

the legacy of william "bill" cooper

in the days after the so called 911 terrorist attacks we were and still are, just as curious as to what happened as the next person. somehow or another we stumbled across the website of a man named bill cooper. mr. cooper, a christian and patriot, was a former naval intelligence officer who studied and explained hidden knowledge and the ancient mystery religions and how they relate to and operate in modern times. see mystery babylon series william cooper a short biography here.

his website was awesome and is still available here on the internet archive. one evening in early november 2001 we logged onto mr. cooper's website to learn that he had been killed the previous night in a suspicious police raid.

mr. cooper said that "in the history of the world there has never been a people who were truly free to truly rule themselves until the united states of america was created as a republic by which we rule ourselves through elected representatives who we sent to the state house of the states or to congress to do it. they also gave us every tool by which we would destroy ourselves if we werent capable of doing it. the united states and france - the revolution in this country and the revolution in france were created to bring about governments which would function as the antitheses to the kings and queens of the world and cause them to topple off their thrones. it also gave man a chance to prove once and for all whether he can rule himself or not and if he could fine - that would be the new world order, if he couldnt they built the tools into the constitution to allow them to be taken away from us and those tools are the creation of the federal democracy within the boundaries of washington d.c. and the right to contract through which, if we were irresponsible, we would contract to receive rights from that federal democracy and thus we in turn give up our freedom and thats exactly whats happening."

william cooper explaining how he came to name his book "behold a pale horse."
"this title is from the book of revelation, i have to tell you this and you may think i'am nuts if you want to but this is the truth. either these men are following the book of revelation, the book of revelation it is in the bible, they're either following it just like a plan and bringing the prophecies in there to pass, to manipulate and control those who believe in those prophecies and neutralize them so to speak. in other words, if this is written in the bible, then god has ordained it, who am i to resist? it must come to pass so i'am not gonna try to stop it. what a perfect way to neutralize the opposition right off the bat. or, there really is a god and what he said was going to come to pass, is coming to pass and i named this behold a pale horse from chapter thirteen of the book of revelation the fourth horse, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse is the pale horse 'and i looked and behold a pale horse and his name that sat upon him was death and hell followed with him and power was given unto him over the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword and with hunger and with the beasts of the earth.' and that is taking place now today the fourth horseman is riding across the world now. thats what AIDs is all about. thats what all these little brushfire wars all over the world are all about, thats whats happening..."

so anyway, earlier today we stumbled across this documentary type film about mr. cooper on google video. its the first time we ever saw him on video and one part that got our attention is when he is talking about the famous jfk speech on secret societies. we had posted about it a long time ago. in the video mr. cooper says that because of that speech president kennedy's assassination was ordered.

mr. cooper says that the "man who actually administered the coup de gras, was the driver of the car, william greer. we have a film in beautiful living color, you can actually see with your own eyes, william. greer, turn with the assassination pistol in his left hand, then shoot the president point-blank in the head over his right shoulder. its incredible, descriptive, been in the public all these years but the same film has been shown on television for all these years but they've always dragged in kennedy and cut the driver out, so you could never see it. its the zapruder film it was never shown to the warren commission, they never saw it."

naturally, this got our attention. so we found a copy of the zapruder film to download [1.62 mb] for ourselves. theres a clip in the google video but its kinda hard to see so we needed a copy that we could enlarge and sure enough plain as day you can see the driver shoot the president. of course theres those who claim the zapruder film itself is a fake, but that doesnt explain why the government would fake a film to show a secret service agent shooting the president.