15 February 2008

the louisiana state legislature website sucks

ever since this special session began when trying to connect to the streaming video or audio for either the house or senate chamber or a house or senate committee room all we get is a "connecting" prompt and it never connects.

its bad enough that the state legislature webmaster leaves us with only one choice to view legislative goings on in the crap-o-la real player instead of offering the opportunity to use the far superior quick time player or even windows media player but now we cant even connect to the video or audio streams.

this has never happened before and we've watched portions of every regular and extraordinary legislative session from the first november 2005, post katrina extraordinary session. this is the same computer, configured the exact same way since 2005. in the past we've never had any problems to speak of in viewing the live stream(s) although the archived video in the real player .rm format has always been horrendous.

something is just not right. so come one legislative webmaster, get off your ass and fix this problem and while you're at it -- offer a choice in media players.