24 February 2008

david icke - 'repeaters'

1:56 clip
"they're people in the situations of power and influence who just repeat what someone else tells them. a doctor is repeating what they were told at medical school and what the drug companies tell them. you've got teachers who repeat what they learned in their exams and what they learned at teacher training college and they repeat that to the next generation. and the great repeaters are what pass for journalists...the fact is they dont know whats happening, they know nothing."

what journalists should really say is that "i tell you what they've told me is going on and i deliver it as if i know whats going on and its really true - i havent got a clue if its true but they tell me and they wouldnt lie would they? i mean, would tony blair lie? would george bush lie? please, i'am a journalist trust me."

so what we call news is merely propaganda that "they" have told the journalists and the journalists repeat to us.
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