28 February 2008

cop leaves dashboard camera on while planting drugs on suspect and attacking him with dog

the gannett/town talk reports today here on how local law enforcement agencies use video and audio devices on suspects while investigating crime.

this video from wkrn.com nashville, tennessee
shows us that it can be a two way street

The community of Cookeville, in Putnam County, is facing a $10 million lawsuit amid the release of shocking police dash cam video.

The video, from a Cookeville police cruiser, shows the arrest of a Putnam County man.

A Cookeville officer is seen allegedly placing drugs on the man, Carlos Ferrell, before arresting him.

Ferrell is now suing the city of Cookeville, the police department, Putnam County, and the sheriff's office for $10 million.

During the arrest, Ferrell was also bitten by a police K9.

Chris Melton, one of the officers involved, is now on leave, and his police force is facing statewide scrutiny.
Ferrell’s attorney Blair Durham said his client was the victim of violent police work and attacked by a K9 unit.

Durham said by the end of the ordeal, his client feared for his life and was simply agreeing with anything officers said.

““The crux of lawsuit really centers around the fact that he was treated subhuman,” he said. “The constitution was just laughed at, as far as the treatment for him; drugs were planted upon him, the physical abuse and abuse from dogs.”

Durham said the case could go before the Federal Department of Justice.
click link for video from wkrn.com
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