06 February 2008

gannett/town talk journalistic fraudsters all for the mayor/city council 'retreat'

we see this morning that the town talk has both a news story and an editorial about this weeks mayor/city council retreat. as central la politics blog pointed out here the town talk doesnt bother to "mention exactly what procedures would be included to ensure that this retreat complies with the state's open meetings laws."

you have to remember this is the same crew, who, when they dont want the citizenry to know what they are up to, simply refuse to televise certain city council meetings under the guise that they dont want to "confuse" the citizenry. by the way, the city has never posted the city council meeting minutes from the 21 december 2007 special city council meeting about the star tek lease and we dont believe that it was ever televised (as promised) either. the minutes from the 18 december 2007 regular city council meeting arent posted either.

the mayor and the city council are all men so why cant they be men and just do their jobs? why go to another city in another parish and hold meetings? what is it that they dont want the people to know? they could have had their 'retreat' in or near alexandria at someone's house or camp and saved the city a lot of money.