26 February 2008

larry sinclair is back!

big head dc has been doing an awesome job covering the larry sinclair polygraph fallout.

on monday 25 february 2008 big head dc conducted an exclusive interview with larry sinclair. link here
mr. sinclair discusses his concerns about how the polygraph was conducted and how he was treated by dan parisi and whitehouse.com.

today we learn from big head dc that dan parisi has reneged on his deal to pay larry sinclair for his polygraph test.

WhiteHouse.com entered into an agreement to pay Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who claims he used drugs and had a sexual encounter with Sen. Barack Obama in 1999, a certain amount of money before Sinclair agreed to take a polygraph for the site, but now the site has reneged on the deal. This new twist is revealed within an e-mail sent on Tuesday from WhiteHouse.com founder Dan Parisi to Sinclair, which refers to Big Head DC’s Monday interview with Sinclair.

“I saw this interview this morning and posted your response in regards to another polygraph test,” Parisi writes in the e-mail. “It shows that you are doing another polygraph with results in this afternoon in violation of our agreement. I have instructed bank to stop payment on the $20,000 check this morning. The $10,000 in checks going to the charities are not effected (sic) and will be paid.” ~ link
now this evening big head dc lets us know that the results of the second expert's analysis of mr. sinclair's polygraph is in and raises even more questions about the tests accuracy.

Gordon Barland, a respected polygraph expert, has finished reviewing the Ed Gelb-produced polygraph test administered recently on Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who claims he used drugs and had a sexual encounter with Sen. Barack Obama in 1999.

Big Head DC has reviewed Barland’s report, which WhiteHouse.com originally commissioned yet failed to post, and Barland indicates there were technical flaws in procedure (including unnecessary interruptions), irregularities in the way the polygraph device was hooked up to Sinclair’s arm, and “uncommon” recording abnormalities involving Sinclair’s truthfulness about Obama’s alleged cocaine use. ~ link
mr. sinclair posted the following statement about it on his personal blog:
This is to explain my position on the Barland QC report.

Barland was smart enough to point out the data that was and was not provided to him for review. He was smart enough to point out the uncommon methods used and the lack of control over the situation by Mr. Gelb.

Yes, Barland still concurs with Gelb, which I had no doubt he would under the circumstances, but he was smart enough to protect himself by pointing out concerns.

I also want people to look at the actions of Whitehouse.com over the last 24 hours alone, something is truly not right here.

You do not just up and shut down your operation and revamp it in the manner that Parisi has done. What is there to hide.

Was it not Parisi who said "Put up or Shut up?"

Why would you stop payment on a check that you pay for services and you received those services and then you claim you are entitled to because you think a breach of contract may occur at some future time. Mr. Parisi breached our agreement as early as Friday afternoon 2-22-08. I have not submitted to another polygraph, I stated I wanted to do another one in full disclosure which was what Parisi said he was doing and then did not.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair
read this and more at larry sinclair's personal blog: http://larrysinclair0926.spaces.live.com/

looks like we're back to square one!