29 February 2008

more americans turning to web for news

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch, and nearly half are turning to the Internet to get their news, according to a new survey. (see link)

is it really any wonder why people are turning away from 'traditional journalism'? take media general/kalb for example. on tuesday, 26 february 2008 the alexandria city council had their regular meeting as well as a special meeting and yet kalb has not reported one word about either meeting. all of those suckers depending on kalb to keep them informed dont even know the city council had even met. then kalb has the audacity to proclaim at every opportunity how they "are on your side." the thing is though, they never say who the "your" is in their tag line. is it kalb's advertisers and governmental and corporate pals whose side they are really on? sure looks that way judging from the quality of reporting over there.

in the 26 february 2008 alexandria city council meeting, an assistant louisiana attorney general and the rapides parish district attorney himself came to give a 'presentation' on open meetings law to the council and yet not one word has ever been said about it on kalb. the gannett/town talk hasnt reported it either and this is a major news story as well as was the underlying story as to how and why the attorney general's office came to give their open meetings law presentation in the first place.

kalb is so lame they didnt even bother to sex up the sensational in councilman marshall's statement about how speed b/humps help keep out "undesirables." look at some of the crap on their website they are passing off as news. "hairy steak," "reading baby," "no tox wrinkle treatment."

despite the article ending this way:

[T]he study does support the belief among many large media companies that focusing on local issues is important to their journalistic and economic survival.
our local media just cant understand and gets pissed off when no one takes them seriously. pathetic.