25 July 2007

alexandria, la. city council prez everett hobbs plays the race card again

check this out...alexandria, louisiana city council president, everett hobbs and four other city councilmen (the bridgett brown 5), who just happen to be black, are caught red handed violating the open meetings law and the way they were caught wasnt the result of any investigation or anybody following them around etc -- they were caught by letters that they signed themselves and they were caught on video tape discussing it at city council meetings in which they knew they were being video taped at to begin with.

so, mayor jacques roy puts out a call for citizens to demand an investigation and one person answers mayor roy's call. a local attorney who just happens to be white. so what does council president hobbs do? he hollars racism. in fact anyone that dares to question his or the other members of the bridgett brown 5 crime gang actions and/or motives are branded as racists as well. such as councilman hobbs accusation of racism hurled at the alexandria daily town talk in a recent your mail from him to them.

this all brings back to mind an incident this past spring of 2007 when a local pastor, the reverend leroy johnson confronted councilman hobbs and gave him a good dressing down. is reverend johnson a racist too?

see the below video and decide for yourself:

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