24 July 2007

cenla media covers up pineville city councilman joe bishop domestic abuse charge

its now been confirmed to wst... that the joe bishop charged with one count of cruelty to a (female) juvenile on this rapides parish clerk of court screen grab is indeed the joe bishop who is currently a city of pineville, louisiana councilman and candidate for the rapides parish police jury.

it would certainly appear to be newsworthy when a sitting city councilman is arrested and arraigned for anything, after all these are the people that make and pass laws that affect all of our lives. yet, we see not one word in print or broadcast about this important development. the only logical conclusion that one can arrive at is that the local news media is in bed with the local political establishment.

central louisiana's press whores and press fakers must serve as the public relations department for the politicians and the elites.

central la politics blog says that "central louisiana deserves competent news reporting". we disagree. central louisiana does not deserve competent news reporting because the residents of central louisiana who already know that the town talk, kalb, the northside journal, et al are the mouthpiece of the criminal network, continue to buy the town talk and the northside journal and watch kalb et al. if the citizens of cenla truly wanted better news reporting they would STOP BUYING the town talk and the northside journal. they would STOP WATCHING kalb et al and most importantly they would STOP PATRONIZING THEIR ADVERTISERS who are in fact subsidizing lies and journalistic fraud.

the town talk, the northside journal, kalb et al and their advertisers are all laughing at your dumb ass because you are a sucker.