23 July 2007

piyush the rat deserts the sinking vitter ship

apparently not only is there no honor amongst thieves, neither is their honor between members of quasi secret, subversive societies either. then again if one believes the chicago tribune report from waaaay back in 1943 the rhodes scholars, in which piyush "bobby" jindal and his former friend and mentor david vitter are members along with (just to name a few) bill clinton (who reportedly didnt complete the course, but who knows what the truth is when it comes to the clinton's) and turncoat, uber liberal and george h.w. bush appointee supreme court justice david souter:
rhodes scholars, said the tribune, are a group of subversive masterminds and intellectual saboteurs banded together in a "secret society" which constitutes a national peril.* the tribune warned that "the rhodes scholars, whose education was intended to promote the betrayal of the u.s., have infiltrated our federal government. . . . the scholarships were created to corrupt americans."
so piyush like his fellow traveler bill clinton who had a problem with the definition of "is" seems to be having problems defining just what an ally is.

luckily, the daily kingfish is around to school piyush about these things. see educating the rhodes scholar.
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