29 July 2007

cenlamar on blogging and the shifting definitions of journalism

in an (as usual) very well written piece, cenlamar bases his post upon a pbs documentary called "news wars" and then goes on to explain how the "meaning of journalism in a world that is slowly being upturned by advances in technology and the ubiquity of the Internet" applies to central louisiana's media and blogosphere as well.


However, blogging, as Markos Moulitsas stated in “News Wars,” allows the passive reader to become a participant in the story. It breaks down the fourth wall of the fourth estate. And sometimes, as a result of this participation, the blogosphere produces real journalism. It is little surprise that the Central Louisiana blogosphere is so active; the consolidation of our major media outlets and advances in Internet technology and accessibility have produced a space for people to write about the stories the media simply does not or cannot report. There are numerous examples of local bloggers “breaking” a story before it is picked up by the mainstream media, though the blogosphere is rarely, if ever, credited.
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