21 July 2007

horrid cenla go pac endorses chris hazel

another reason not to vote for la house dist 27 candidate chris hazel appears on the friday 20 july 2007 (see link) entry on the rapides parish republican women's club blog.

an officer in the cenla go pac organization operates the cenla antics "blog." cenla antics is not by any definition of the word a blog. all cenla antics is, is a message board where anonymous commenter's usually using the most vile and obscene language imaginable post anything about anyone that comes to their minds. many people have complained about and are suspicious of the way cenla antics is operated. however, the cenla antics proprietor always uses the erroneous and illogical excuse that to remove just the obscene comments is a violation of free speech! LOL.

wst... has been told that the operator of the cenla antics "blog" is actually an arrogant new orleans blue blood type, come up here to central louisiana to show the local inbred redneck republicans how its done. instead, all he has accomplished is set the local republican party back about twenty years. if the local republicans were smart (which they are not) they would be investigating him because it looks to us like he is in actuality a democratic or third party infiltrator and/or saboteur.

**update** central la politics disagrees and calls us "all wet"
we saw thats unfair attack on chris hazel!
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