26 July 2007

town talk pronounces alexandria city counsel prez everett hobbs a failure

kudo's to the alexandria daily town talk for not falling for or being intimidated by alexandria city counsel president everett hobbs recent charges of racism. we also like the way that the town talk turns it around and puts the focus squarely on the remaining six city councilmen to do something about their failing leader:

The body for which he speaks includes six other council members: Charles "Chuck" Fowler, Roosevelt Johnson, Myron Lawson, Louis Marshall, Harry Silver and Charles Smith Jr.

The councilmen have chosen and endorsed Everett Hobbs as their leader, so they are the chorus behind what their leader says. They can sing his praises, or they can remain quiet. It's their choice. Either way, through praise or silence, they say the same thing: that they support their leader.

On the other hard, they can choose to criticize their leader -- because they disagree with him, because they think he stepped over the line, because they think he is wrong about something, or because they think he may be unfit to handle the responsibilities of the position.
so will the remaining six city councilmen step up to the plate and remove president hobbs? we're not very encouraged since it appears that president hobbs together with at least four other councilmen (the bridgett brown 5) appear to be operating together in the same organized crime ring.

perhaps if state attorney general charles foti had spent as much time, money and energy enthusiastically investigating and prosecuting corrupt public officials as he did prosecuting dr. anna pou he just might not be facing such a hard struggle for reelection.
in a side note, it appears that bridgett brown's brother, garry brown, writing under his favorite sock puppet "love4aex" (all town talk posts by love4aex) after reading this town talk editoral promises not to read spam the town talk forums anymore. riiiiight.
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